Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Create a cyber-aware workforce with Red Piranha's standard or tailored online Cybersecurity Awareness Training programs to help your staff understand risks, policies, and procedures to better protect your organisation. 

Globally, human error is the leading cause of most data breaches, resulting in significant financial and reputation damage for any business that falls prey to a cyber-attack. Red Piranha's Certification Cybersecurity Awareness Training helps strengthen your human firewall to elevate your organisation's overall information security defences.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

  • Improve general security awareness
  • Learn techniques that will protect your company
  • Train your staff with corporate policies and processes
  • Improve the organisations’ resilience and response to attacks, thus minimising business impacts
  • Assess their understanding with tests
  • Meet compliance requirements such as ISO 27001 clause 7.2.2.
  • Get your employees certified
  • Updated to include latest threats and techniques used by cyber criminals

Engaging online training

Online library of engaging videos, real-life examples, and material to train your employees.
Track and manage your team’s cyber security awareness training from our dashboard and get them certified upon completion.


Businesses are under increasing pressure to meet a range of compliance requirements such as ISO 27001 clause 7.2.2. Almost every standard and industry best practice now mandates a form of security awareness training. Cybersecurity is no longer just a technology issue; it is a business issue, too.

Security Policies

Significant time and resources are spent developing corporate policies; however, too often, they’re not implemented or communicated to staff correctly. Red Piranha helps you develop a tailored training module to ensure your staff understand your corporate policies and isn’t posing a risk to your business. Train employees on the applications and programs they aren’t allowed to run on the corporate network and the impact of not following policies and procedures.

Why Security Training?

Even with the right security controls in place, the human element can render these systems useless, exposing organisations to many forms of cyberattacks. People, not technology, are the most common entry points for many cyberattacks. When employees are aware of security threats, what they look like, and what procedures to follow once identified, you’re strengthening one of the weakest links in your security chain.

The Right Training Program

Training programs need to accurately track employees’ completion of various training modules to ensure compliance and effectiveness. Monitoring training activity allows you to see which team members need extra training to strengthen your weakest links. Security is everyone’s responsibility. Awareness training makes everyone accountable for their actions, creating a shared sense of responsibility company wide.

Well done on a great course which is easy to go through and very informative- I really must stop using the same passwords for all my personal accounts, and stop using public wifi’s!

Karmen Rai

Export Council of Australia

Follow up on your security training with a Phishing Assessment Service – a carefully constructed customised phishing campaign to test your staff's cybersecurity awareness and organisation's cybersecurity maturity. Our team creates custom phishing scenarios and campaigns tailored to meet your business needs. An end-to-end framework to enhance security outcomes.

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