Contracted CISO

Having top-level security is an expense many small to medium-sized businesses feel they can't afford. They rightfully so can't justify a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) on staff. 

A Dangerous Knowledge Gap

Unfortunately, this lack of a critical position in their corporate infrastructure can leave a knowledge gap pertaining to both mandatory compliance regulations and security holes in their business. So with this one gap the company is open to liability, the director is open to liability and the security of the company's data is potentially open to cyber-criminals.

An Affordable Alternative

Red Piranha offers a valuable service to companies in Australia; Contracted CISO. Basically, we have fully qualified expert Chief Information Security Officers on staff who can be contracted to review your security needs and to help bring your organization into compliance with the complex regulatory environment resulting from recent legislation such as the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) amendments to the Privacy Act 1988. If you have more than $3 AUD million annual turnover, these laws pertain to you.

Enterprise Directors Are Liable

Directors are being held liable for compliance with all data protection, security, privacy acts and much more. Red Piranha can step in and help you get into compliance. We conduct complete reviews of your security, advise directors and board members about potential liabilities in the current system and provide solutions to bring the organization into regulatory compliance.

Security Incidents

Our Contracted CISO services are also utilized by our clients when a security incident is suspected, whether internal employee misconduct, sabotage, intrusions, breaches to security by cyber-criminals, hostage situations with ransomware and other crisis handling needs that may arise.

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