Extended Detection & Response


Security defences must innovate to keep your network secure.

Crystal Eye XDR On-Premise is an advanced security platform running on our leading range of hardware appliances to give you superior protection, detection and response capabilities across your corporate network and branch locations. No matter which appliance model you choose, you get access to the full XDR capabilities with a suite of integrated security controls to protect you against the latest threats.

Crystal Eye XDR On-Premise combines Network Detection & Response (NDR) with Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) to deliver the full XDR capability.

Comprehensive Security

Crystal Eye delivers a complete security solution in a single platform, eliminating the need for separate products from multiple vendors.

Simple Deployment & Management

With all your security technologies on the one platform, deployment is streamlined and our simplified managed services let you get on with business.

Highest Performance

Running the latest Intel processers on our made-to-order hardware, we deliver the highest-performance firewall appliances available on the market.

* See our True Security Throughput (TST) scores}

Cost-Effective Solution

A unified platform delivers a complete cybersecurity program with a lower total cost of ownership to suit your budget.

Predictive Protection

Our predictive and automated approach to security with Automated Threat Intelligence provides increased threat prevention.

Crystal Eye XDR On-Premise secures your organisation across your corporate networks.

High Performance

The Crystal Eye On-Premise appliance is the World's fastest security appliance, successfully achieving 60Gbps IPS throughput in the lab on a single 2U device and verified by IEEE test results. Our ability to process Gigabit traffic puts us ahead of the pack and importantly enables us to process encrypted traffic more effectively.

Our appliances are multi-core 11th Gen Intel systems that enable multi-threaded applications to use the underlying hardware for high security performance, even with all features enabled.

Our appliance hardware is made-to-order, which ensures that all customers get the latest hardware specifications instead of using yesterday's technology with standardised OEM hardware.

Out-of-the-box Protection

Even large organisations with a range of security products and a large security team often get it wrong because the products aren’t configured properly and the staff don’t always know how to manage them effectively. Crystal Eye’s security capabilities are all integrated into a single platform and work straight out-of-the-box to ensure you get the right protection from day one.

Advanced Protection

Crystal Eye applies Machine Learning capabilities for greater predictive protection, while our Automated Actionable Intelligence feeds into our professionally managed rulesets to help deliver advanced threat protection capabilities.

Our IPS engine has more than 45,000 rules which are managed and curated by our advanced SOC team to deliver some of the highest visibility in the industry. Combined with our superior hardware performance to process these rules, we can deliver increased visibility and better protection.


Crystal Eye XDR On-Premise is available in a range of options to suit every budget.

   Gartner Security Vendor Comparisons - 2021