Crystal Eye
XDR Cryptographic Capability


This report aims to help end users understand some of these requirements, explain the formal position around cryptographic standards, and provide assurance to partners around cryptographic functionality.

Gartner Security Vendor Comparisons

At Red Piranha, we pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service and our product capabilities. In relation to Network Firewalls, Red Piranha holds a firm lead in Product Capability Rating and customers’ Willingness-to-Recommend.

Improvement of Hardware Data Rates By Optimizing Suricata Performances

This paper describes the different tunings that were done to Red Piranha's Crystal Eye
appliances to achieve 60Gbps Suricata throughput.

Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye Next-Generation Firewall Operating System

The Red Piranha Next-Generation Enterprise Crystal Eye UTM product family protects the network internally as well as the perimeter, optimising connectivity and simplifying the administration of network operations.

Positioning Cyber Security Risk Management Within Consolidated Security Platform

This research paper is a part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series, published in the eBook, Volume 61: Building Cyber Resilience against Hybrid Threats.

Crystal Eye Technology Report

The team found that the product has evolved since its initial audit in 2017 to include updated cybersecurity protection technologies and further integrated services, taking it from the former UTM system to a more comprehensive XDR platform.

Red Piranha
Throughput Test

Crystal Eye uses Suricata as its Intrusion Detection and Protection Engine. The IDPS solution of Crystal Eye can be used in IDS, IPS or NSM mode.