Red Piranha, the developer of Australia's leading cybersecurity products, has detected an organised, potentially widespread, phishing campaign targeting Medicare users in the United States of America. 

The phishing campaign was detected by Red Piranha's Security Operations team based in Perth, Western Australia, and was reported in the latest edition of our Threat Intelligence Report. Our Security researchers noted a sudden surge in domain registrations relating to the term 'Medicare', with the majority of these domains utilising a deviation of '' with single letter substitutions.  

The extensive volume of domains, detected by our Crystal Eye XDR threat intelligence team, suggests that a domain generation algorithm was used. Data indicated that these domains were registered through the Alibaba Cloud Computing servers based in China.  

We are continuing to monitor this campaign for any sign of activity and are proactively protecting our users from cyber-campaigns originating from these domains via the implementation of our Automated Actionable Intelligence (AAI) coupled with DNS filtering and our anti-phishing engine.

The threat landscape is continually evolving with increasing complexity, and security defences within organisations must continuously innovate to provide protection against all level of threats effectively. Red Piranha has produced the world's first true XDR (Extended Detection and Response) platform with integrated MDR (Managed Detection and Response), leading the way with its predictive protection and securing organisations from cloud to endpoint.  

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