Passive Strategies Fail

It's only natural the businesses are forced to take a defensive posture with security to defend against constant intrusion attempts.

Unfortunately, being purely defensive isn't enough in today's cyber-ecosystem. Defense is a passive strategy that sets you up watching and waiting for a breach. This is a reactive stance that has a great risk as you only know you have a vulnerability AFTER you've been compromised.

You can't fix a problem if you don't know it's there.

We help our client know where the problems are and fix them. We test, push, probe, analyze and assess your network and infrastructure to help you see weaknesses you were not aware of.

Vulnerability Testing

Red Piranha offers its clients a better way. A pro-active way to test your defenses against known threats.

Red Piranha has a comprehensive suite of high and low-level testing tools that are built to challenge the best security systems in the world for vulnerabilities. We use these tools on behalf of our clients to probe, analyze and report on weaknesses in their security.

Our vulnerability testing suite uses automated processes to identify any pre-existing weaknesses in your system that could pose a security threat. We test operating systems, application software and networks with a comprehensive series of tests to identify vulnerabilities (including inappropriate software design, insecure authentication, etc.).

Let us test your system and give you a comprehensive report so you know where you're vulnerable. These tests provide a full picture of your system’s security strength, revealing weaknesses that hackers or malicious software could potentially exploit – before it’s too late.

If you have a chink in your armour, who would you rather find it - us or someone who means you great harm?

Vulnerability Edge Scan Service

Our clients enjoy knowing that their network is as secure as it possibly can be from the inside and out. We can scan your network on a scheduled basis - daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly. Simply provide your IP addresses and we send you a report of any weaknesses in your network.

Integrated Into Crystal Eye UTM

For customers who adopt the Crystal Eye UTM platform, Vulnerability Scanning is built into Crystal Eye allowing customers to do a comprehensive scan of the network edge from the inside of their network. Click below to learn more about the Crystal Eye UTM platform.

Penetration Testing

While Vulnerability Testing is a useful method for detecting existing flaws, Penetration Testing distinguishes between vulnerabilities that can or cannot be exploited.

If we compare your system to a building, Vulnerability Testing would be the process of finding every unlocked door or unfortified wall, each open air vent or surveillance blind spot. Penetration Testing then investigates these perceived weaknesses, figuring out if it’s possible for an unauthorized entity to gain access to them by, say, picking a rusty lock or entering through an unsealed air vent.

In information security, we analyse security measures like firewalls, IPS, and IDS appliances, password complexity policies, application software, physical security and policy best practices. Then, we identify vulnerabilities by using cutting-edge techniques to try to exploit them. This presents a clear image of the flaws in your systems and offers an opportunity to quickly and simply solve issues that may otherwise pose a serious threat.

Find out more about our Vulnerability and Penetration Testing by contacting us for a free consultation.