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“Defence is becoming more reliant on fast, reliable and secure internet-based communications. But the threat to this connectivity from malicious actors is also growing. The ability of the ADF to operate in a contested, congested and degraded communications environment forms the foundation of joint cyber effects.”

Secure your Defence Supply Chain

“Secure and resilient information systems are essential to Defence’s ability to conduct operations. There has been a marked increase in cyber-attacks against Australia by foreign actors and criminals.”

– Force Structure Plan 2020, Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Red Piranha in the Defence Sector

Red Piranha has been highly active within the Australian Defence ecosystem. We’re recognised as playing an important role in the Defence sector and are a proud participant in many Defence programs:

Awards and Certification

Crystal Eye XDR

Red Piranha’s Crystal Eye XDR platform is a fully operational cybersecurity system that is featured in the 2024 Australian Defence Sales Catalogue. Our Crystal Eye Security Operations Centre (CESOC) is a security operations platform, that leverages Crystal Eye XDR to provide a battlefield-ready cyber warfare command system for the protection of multiple forward operating bases and central cyber command deployments. It’s available in cloud or discreet deployment options for field standalone deployments. CESOC is a defence export certified, fully sovereign capable system integrated into a single platform using proprietary firmware, software and advanced signal processing algorithms. CESOC can provide an integrated platform for defensive cyber operations to enable the Mobile Army of the future. 

Australian Defence Force and Cyberwarfare

Information and Cyber is one of the 5 key capabilities of the ADF, along with Land, Air, Maritime and Space (from Force Structure Plan 2020, ADF): 

The ADP is expected to invest around $15 billion in Information and Cyber capabilities over the next decade.