Red Piranha, Australia’s first next generation firewall developer is pleased to announce it’s acceptance as a Red Hat connect Technology Partner . The partnership will see the Red Piranha Team have access to new Red Hat technology, gain certifications for it's hardware, Crystal Eye software and it's managed security cloud based services. The partnership will give Red Piranha technology adoption resources and options for event visibility. The partnership between Red Piranha and Red Hat will establish brand differentiation and help Red Piranha gain competitive and flexible pricing models.

As Red Piranha moves towards the launch of it's Crystal Eye operating system in late 2017, the partnership can also help with marketing, sales training, and progressive relationship benefits. The partnership also opens up opportunities for system integrators, cloud and service providers, reseller ISV's and more.

Red Piranha has been working and developing it’s core product around the Red Hat kernal. The Red Hat kernal is a mature, fast and robust Linux kernal with Red Hat helping customers navigate technology and business disruption through open innovation since 1993. The partnership with the Red Hat allows Red Piranha to be at the cutting edge of developing robust and relevant information security technologies.

The Red Piranha Next-Generation Enterprise Crystal Eye Unified Threat Management (UTM) product family protects the network internally as well as the perimeter, optimizing connectivity and simplifying the administration of network operations. The Crystal Eye product range will be the first product of its kind designed and owned in Australia and is planned to be released late in 2017. Red Piranha manufactures and supplies End-to-end security solutions to safeguard your information across the entire network and its borders helping you maintain Confidentiality and Integrity. The easily deployed Crystal Eye multi-layered security next generation firewall range increases security awareness reducing risk exposure from advanced cybercrime, malicious software and insider threats.

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Date Published
April 18, 2017